Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wow, what an opportunity, what a feeling!

Today I was heading to my dad's garage for an oil change on my husband's car and I heard on the radio that St. Jude's was doing their annual radio-a-thon fund raiser. I have always had such a hard time listening to these and now that I am a mother, just the thought of this makes me break down in tears.

Well, it turns out they were having this about a mile or two from my dad's, so what else could I do? We drove over and became a "Partner In Hope". While I was there, I handed out Smile cards to every volunteer I talked to (I only had a few on me in my wallet, I wish I had known we would end up there because I would have brought the whole box!) and to the DJ's who were working the radio booth.

I was practically in tears as I gave the information and everyone cooed over Gracie. I am so blessed for every second I am lucky enough to have her in my life and I simply can not imagine the pain these parents are going through. It is hard enough on me to watch her get a bump, I can not imagine worse.

So along with the people I was able to give Smile cards to, I send a virtual Smile card to everyone else who was there today, I wish had enough cards for you all.

If anyone is following this blog, I am officially issuing a challenge to you to call 1-800-963-HOPE and become a "Partner In Hope" today!

Thank you.

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