Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am not getting out enough!

Wow, I am realizing I need to get out more. I've managed to hand out a few more cards, but no where near as many as I anticipated.

I did give one to the helpful girl at the grain store when I was buying my horse's grain the other day. She let me know about a name change to the brand in case I ever went anywhere else to get it.

I gave one to the Starbucks guy today, too. He made a good peppermint mocha latte! Just what the doctor ordered on such a cold day!

I gave one to a helpful cashier who processed a return for me at Target and she also cooed at my baby. I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for people who are nice to my baby! :)

I also gave one to a nice lady behind me in a long line at Target when she pointed out to me that a new register was opening instead of bolting to it herself! Always a help when you are out and about with a baby to get in and out of stores quickly!

I missed the chance to give someone a card while I was getting the baby out of the car at Target today. She thought I had just left the store and left a bag behind. Nope, not me! And had I not been juggling the baby out of the car and into the stroller on such a cold day, I'd have stopped to card her. But, mommyhood does take precedence and baby must get out of the cold fast!

I have a few more errands to run tomorrow, so I hope to get to give more cards away then!

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